Output devices and their advantages and disadvantages (cont.)

Output devices and their advantages and disadvantages continued

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  • Output devices and their advantages and disadvantages
    • Other output devices
      • Speakers - used to output sound and are important in multimedia systems.
      • Digital Projectors - used to project what is on a computer screen on to a large screen. used when there is an audience that needs to see what is on the screen, used with presentations. used in classrooms.
      • Plotters - used to output diagrams e.g. maps, plans. produce accurate scaled diagrams and print on larger paper than a printer. use pens to draw lines. each pen drawing different colour.
    • Control devices - computers can issue signals to control devices based on data received from sensors. they can turn a motor on/off etc. these are called actuators. computers can control - lights, motors, pumps, heaters etc.
      • Robotic arms - a device that can be programmed to perform a sequence of actions. can be reprogrammed with ne instructions, to carry out a different task. often seen in factories doing routine jobs e.g. assembling, welding, paint spraying.
        • Advantages - no time taken off, do not take holidays. robots working 24/7. ensures consistency in quality of job. do not need paying. can carry out boring and dangerous jobs. Disadvantages - using them to investigate boms. used to search wreckage aircraft. used to see underwater.


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