Output devices and their advantages and disadvantages

Output devices and their advantages and disadvantages

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  • Output devices and their advantages and disadvantages
    • Screen or monitor - they come in lots of sizes, are usually in colour, useful for enquiries.
      • TFT/LCD screens - desktop/laptops use TFT/LCD (thin film transistor/liquid crystal display). - they are light, cheap and they do not take up a lot of desk space.
      • Plasma screens - large flat panel screens and can be available in larger sizes compared to TFT/LCD screens. used in reception areas, used in videoconferencing systems, used for presentations to a large audience.
    • Printers - the main printers are laser and ink-jet printers. both printers produce hard-copy.
      • Laser printers - mostly used in businesses and organisations because of the high speed. most print black and white but the expensive ones print colour.
        • Advantages - supplies last longer, high printing speed, very reliable, no wet pages that smudge. Disadvantages - more expensive to but - but cheaper to run, power consumption is high.
      • Ink-jet printers - cheap to buy, expensive to run, high cost of ink cartridges. Advantages - high quality print, quietness of operation. Disadvantages - ink smudges, need special paper.


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