Output Devices

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  • Output Devices
    • Actuators/ Robotic Arm
      • An actuator is a type of motor that either pushes, pulls, or rotates.
    • Ink-Jet Printer
      • An inket printer is a printer for computers it uses special ink to print on the paper. usually injet printers are used by people who print very little. the ink comes in special ink cartridges, which can be very expensive and uneconomical.
    • Laser Printer
      • A laser printer is a printer for computers it uses LED- technology to get small particles of toner from a cartridge onto paper. Very often, this is more economical to use than the ink of inkjet printers.
    • Plotter
      • A plotter is a kind of printer for computers. plotters use vector graphics. usually they are used to print to paper which is very large in size. plotters print things using special colored pens.


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