Outline and evaluate one theory into the breakdown of romantic relationships

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Read from light to dark in order 1-8

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  • Outline + Evaluate one theory into breakdown of romantic relationships
    • 4
      • Tashiro + Frazier surveyed students whose relationships recently broken down
      • Reported to experience emotional distress + personal growth
      • The relationships have given them clear idea about future relationships
      • Provides evidence for the grave dressing + resurrection processes
    • 7
      • Ignores gender differences
        • Women more likely to stress unhappiness + incompatibility. Men = sexual withholding.
      • Women = more desire to remain friends. Men = cut ties completely.
    • 3
      • After leaving relationship: grave dressing begins
      • Partners try construct representation of relationship that doesn't make them look bad.
      • Often involves emotional distress.
      • In final resurrection process each partner prepares for new relationship by learning from mistakes of previous one.
    • 8
      • Model seen as culturally biased.
        • Rooted in western culture
      • Collectivist, non-western cultures have arranged marriages = generally regarded as permanent
      • Marital crisis concern of entire family not just couple
        • May not apply to western culture
    • 5
      • However, research into sensitive area = ethical issues
      • Research cause participants to revisit the issues that led to breakdown
        • Lead to emotional distress, especially if relationship is abusive
      • Issues of privacy + confidentiality are important due to personal nature of subject matter
    • 6
      • Criticism = model largely descriptive.
        • Describes stage instead of why stage is happening
      • Argyle + Henderson found: most common reason for breakdown = jealousy, selfishness + public criticism.
    • 2
      • Next stage: dyadic stage.
        • People confront partner about feelings
      • Relationship may be solved due to reassessment goals, possibilities or commitment
        • or it will break down
      • If breakdown occurs: social pressures will take place
        • Friends + family offer advice + support
          • Relationship likely to end.
    • 1
      • Rollie + Duck attempt to describe breakdown in 6 steps.
      • Breakdown begins w/ dissatisfaction with how relationship conducted
      • Leads to intrapsychic process: characterised by brooding on faults of partner + costs of relationship
      • However, dissatisfaction not expressed BUT signs e.g. social withdrawal are evident.


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