Outline global patterns of food consumption

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  • Where there is water availability and high GDP, this usually means that their is access to food.
    • For example, the USA. Only parts of America suffer with physical water scarcity however this doesn't effect them as they can afford to import it. The majority of America have access to water. This means that they are able to grow food so food production is stable. The USA have the highest daily calorie intake, mainly because they can afford to grow the food and eat what they want.
      • The UK are also the same.- They have a daily calorie intake of 3440 per person.          - They have good access to water with no water scarcity.         -They are considered a rich country.
    • Outline global patterns of food consumption
      • In some countries there is low food consumption, e.g meat consumption but this is changing= China and Belarus used to have a very low meat consumption in 1961 however in 2002, this increases a lot.


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