MEG's suffer inequality in the UK.

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  • Outline the evidence to show that some ethnic groups suffer inequalities in the UK.
    • Employment
      • 1/7 People from MEGs, 25+ are not in work but want to be. (Labour force survey 2011)
      • Pakistani men on average earn almost 1/4 less than white British men . (EHRC 2004)
      • In late 2012, the youth unemployment rate among young people of black ethnic background was 47%. For young people of Asian background it was 29%. It was 20% for young people of white ethnic backgrounds.
    • Health
      • Pakistani and Bangladeshi womens illness rate was 10% higher than white womens in 1991, 2001 and 2011. (JRF)
      • Arab and Indian older women = higher % of limiting long term illness.    ( 66% and 68% respectively)
    • Education
      • Black Caribbean boys are twice as likely to be characterised as having behavioural, emotional and social difficulties compared to white British boys. ( Ball 2008)
      • Black British, Asian British Pakistani and other British Asian students are significally more likely to drop out of higher education. (N. Powdthavee + A. Vignoles 2007)
      • In all 72% of white students who entered higher education A-levels grade BBB gained a first and second degree. compared with 56% Asian and 53% black, entering with the same A levels. (HEFCE 2014)


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