Outbreak to Civil War 1642- essay plan map

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  • Outbreak of Civil war 1642
    • 1- Radicalism of Parliament 1641->
      • relatively united- 'turn clock b ack' restrain king not attack authority
      • Strafford & 10 propositions- too far
      • Split parliamentary unity
      • Act of Attainder- concerned about legal methods used
        • Strafford & 10 propositions- too far
        • cracks in Anti-court consensus
      • Rad due to mistrust of king- attitudes and actions
        • Triennial act, delayed signing death warrant
          • Convinced P that if LP was dissolved, King would not keep to promises
    • 2- Actions of Pym/ followers in religion
      • Equal importance with Charles' actions
      • Most MPs- reverse Laudian reforms- radical proposals frightened MPS
        • Raised Q's that if parliament removed hierarchy in church, possible to remove it in society- breakdown in authority and law and order
        • Bishops Exclusion Bill May 1641
        • Root and Branch Bill June 1641
      • Charles actions equal- split MPs- 2 sides formed
          • Daughter married William of Orange- Protestant
          • Promoting non-Laudian bishops
          • Promised to reverse changes
          • MPS support C- symbol of tradition and order
    • 3-Effects of Irish Rebellion
      • Equal between Pym & King
      • MP= popish plot- EXPLAIN- C symoathetic to rebs- HM influence
        • HM-sis to Catholic French king Louis XII
      • attention to C military authority0 discussed in parliament- some felt going too far- preach of RP
      • Fear C would crush opposition in Eng- key reason for MILITIA BILL DEC 161- Split
      • Grande remonstrance Nov 41- unhappy at involvement of 'common people'
        • C moderate response- split MPS
    • 4- Events of 1642
      • Equal between king and parliament
      • Jan- C arrests 5 members- MISTRUST- use force- MP back to Pym
      • Militia Ordinance- Parliament
        • Commissions of Array- King
        • Both sides have army
          • Commissions of Array- King
      • June- 19 Propositions- Par- impossible for C to accept
      • Aug- C declares war- 800 turn up
      • Sept- anyone who didn't support par- 'delinquents' would pay for war
        • Forced those who wanted to stay neutral to take side


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