prouct design GCSE (revision on Output devices)

this is just part of the product disign corse, it it out puts which is necessary to learn to reach a C-B on gcse exams

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  • out put devices
    • solenoids
      • they convert electrical energy into smaller liniear movements.
    • DC motors
      • they convert electrical enegry into rotational movement
    • lamps
      • simpleast output, they convert electrical engegy
    • spur gears
      • They are weels with teath cut into their outer edge.
    • Rack and pinion
      • Changes rotary movement into linear motion, as used on a drilling machine
    • Cam and follower.
      • cams are wheels with a raised profile.
    • Cranks
      • They are shafts which are stepped along their length, by connecting a rod.
    • Pulleys
      • They are wheels which are stepped along their length


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