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Caring for world

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  • Our world
    • Talents
      • Talent is something we're good at.
      • Talents are varied, used to entertain, help others, care fr environment, teach others about God
      • Use our talents, Christians believe it's their duty from God to use their talents and to care for others and environment. Jews believe that they shoudl use their talents to tahnk God for everything they have been provided with.
    • Why are we here?
      • Christianity
        • Respect yourself and others, become a good steward, marry and have sexual relations, have children, reduce poverty, worship and obey God, believe in a life after death
      • Judaism
        • To respect yourself and others, become a good steward, marr and have sexual relations, to have children, reduce poverty 1 tenth of their wealth to the poor, worship and obey God
      • Science
        • We are here because of evolution, our bodies have evolved, Drawins theory.
    • Stewardship
      • Many humans feel they have a responsibility to care for the earth and environment. Partners with God to care for earth. God gave them dominion over world.
      • Stewardship is a duty. Jews also believe it's their duty to care for the environment.
    • Care for the World and the Environment
      • Our universe has been around for a long time. Humans have been living on earth for about 4 billion years.
      • We should care for the environment for a number of reasons; we have a responsibility to protect its resources and not waste them, protectin resources will make them last loner, we will live a cleaner safer enivornemnt, we all have a religious duty to care for the Environment.


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