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  • Our World
    • Scientific Arguements
      • Cosmological theories - how the Universe came into beings. Evidence the Big Bang.
      • Evolutionary theories - how living things have grown. For example, Charles Darwin 'On the Origins of Species' humans evolved from aps not Adam and Eve
      • Christian Aid offer relief and reconciliation in post-war Europe, aim to relieve freedom for all human being.
        • Example of actions, a water sanitation in Ethiopia giving clean water.
        • Purpose for humans on earth
          • Enjoy the world, God created it and we should worship it.
            • Stewardship - been given special responsibility to care for the earth.
              • We have a duty to 'reproduce' children
          • As humans we are here the make the world a better place.
            • Have a relationship with God by worshiping him through prayer
      • The Jewish National Fund (JNF) - respond to extreme poverty in less developing countries. Provides money and financial support to projects
    • Science says HOW?
      • Religion says WHY?
    • Literalist view ... that they story actually happened as it was fully described in Genesis
    • Non-Literalist view ... do not believe the story of Genesis fully
    • Example of Stewardship Christianity: Chico Mendes was against DEFORESTATION (burning down trees), kept trees and got rubber out of them.
    • Jewish Stewardship
      • TLC - Thanksgiving, Litter Free, Concern
        • Thanksgiving - celebrations and festivals for the environment
          • Sukkot (autumn festival) - making of own house in their garden out of leafs
          • Tu B' Shevat (Jewish new year for trees) - celebrate tree existence for all the human existence
        • Jewish believe it  is important not to waste
        • Concern - animals to be treated with concern
    • Does modern thinking conflict with Genesis?
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