Our World

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  • Our World
    • Science
      • Big Bang theory
        • The theory that a huge explosion created the world. As the gases from the explosion cooled down planets, starts etc...were formed.
      • Darwin
      • Evolution
      • Natural Selection
    • Key Words
      • Creation-Making something deliberately for a purpose. Many religions teach that God created the world for a purpose.
      • Stewardship - to look after and care for the world. For Christians they believe it is the God-given responsibility to look after the world.
      • Soul - it is the part of humans that live on once the body has died. Many religions teach that it is the spiritual side that lives on once the body has died.
      • Humanity- it is caring for other human beings by showing kindness
      • Environment - it is the natural world all around us including plants, insects, animals and humans. For religious believers they believe God created it and everything in it.
      • Dominion- this is to take charge of the world for God. Many religions teach that it is their God given responsibility to manage the world.
    • Creation stories
      • Christianity
        • Day 1 light and dark
        • Day 2 - Sea and sky
        • Day 3 - Land and plants
        • Day 4 - Sun, moon and stars
        • Day 5 - Birds and sea creatures
        • Day 6 - Human and animals
      • Islam
        • Allah made the heaven and Earth, all animal life, sun, moon and stars, planets and the angels - all out of nothing.
        • The angels were sent to bring down seven handfuls of earth -  each a different colour.
        • From these Adam and Eve made out of his side.
        • They lived in paradise, where they could eat everything except the fruit from one tree
          • they disobeyed Allah after being tempted by Iblis, and were placed outside the garden as a punishment
    • Why are we here?
      • Christianity
        • to enjoy the world, to obey God, stewardship - to look after the world for God, to have children and to live in harmony with others.
      • Islam
        • everyone is here for a purpose, serve Allah and obey his commands, enjoy and look after the plant, care for each other and have children and carry on the human race.


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