English Literature Poetry - Our Love Now

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  • Our Love Now
    • 'observe'
      • imperative
    • 'Such is our love now'
      • love is no longer good
    • 'storm'
      • destructive
    • 'frightening'
      • scare when things go wrong
    • 'will soon be gone'
      • bad times will get better
    • 'The breach in us can be mended'
      • hope; healing
    • 'The tree is forever dead. Such is our love'
      • hopelessness; injury
    • 'our'
      • repetition
    • 'I said, observe how the wound heals in time, how the skin slowly knits and once more becomes while. The cut will mend, and such is our relationship'
      • regular number of lines
    • 'Although'
      • looking for arguments (counterarguments)
    • 'it is not the same'
      • not happy in relationship


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