Chemistry: Our Changing Planet

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  • Our Changing Planet
    • Structure of the Earth
      • 1) Atmosphere
        • 10km is air and most of the atmosphere is within the 100km of the surface
      • 2) Crust
        • Thin solid layer that varies thickness between about 5km to 70km
      • 3) Mantle
        • 3000km thick. Goes almost halfway to the centre of the earth.
      • 4) Core: inner and outer core
        • Magnetic metals iron and nickel
    • The restless Earth
      • Tectonic plates: move a few centermetres a year because of Convection currents
        • Convection Currents caused by energy release by the decay of radioactive elements heating up the mantle
      • Plates meet- huge force build up- rocks give way- causing an earthquake
    • The Earths Atmosphere In The Past
      • Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago.
        • First billion years , Volcanoes released CO  on the surface
          • and water vapour and nitroge
          • Water vapours formed the ocean as earth cooled
            • Atmosphere was mainly CO
              • Two billion years after, Bacteria, Algae and Plants evolved
                • Plants gave off oxygen
    • Gases in the Atmosphere
      • Most of the Carbon Dioxide in the early atmosphere became locked up in sedimentary rocks
      • Carbon Dioxide desolves in water
      • Main gases in the air can be seperated by fractional distilation
    • Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere
      • Carbon moves into the atmospheredue to plants, animals, the oceans and rocks


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