Other Treaties with the TOV

Other Treaties were also signed alongside the Treaty of Versailles, dealing with the other losing nations (and allies to Germany). If you remeber SAINTS it should help you remeber what they were... This is a mind map for them

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  • SAINTS treaties
  • SAInt Germain Treaty
    • With Austria
      • Lost land too Czechoslovakia, Poland and Italy
        • Army reduced to 30,000
          • No reparations (went bankrupt before set)
  • Neuilly
    • with Bulgaria
      • Lost land to Greece
        • Army reduced to 20,000
          • reparations set at £90 million
  • Trianon
    • With Hungary
      • Lost land to Romania and  Yugoslavia
        • army reduced to 35,000
          • No  Reparations (went bankrupt before set)
  • Sevres
    • With Turkey
      • Gave land to Greece/Empire given to Britain and France
        • Army reduced to 50,000
          • intended to set repartations
            • originally treaty of Lausanne


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