Other Sources of Workplace Stress

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  • Other Sources of Workplace Stress
    • Relationships At work: relatonships with bosses, colleagues, customers may be stressful
      • Feeling Undervalued or we lack support = Negative Effect
      • Feeling Valued, supported, good communication = Positive effect
    • Work Pressures
      • Work Overload = having too much to do or work too difficult, Meeting strict deadlines
      • Work underload: Having too little to do
    • Physical Environment - Noise, overcrowding, too hot or too cold. Work involving health risks and unsociable hours
      • Czeiler et al: Study on work shift patterns. Changing shift patterns rotates to 'Phase delay' and lengthing the rotating period to 21 days, allowing the body to cope with the demands of shift patterns. Which leads to an increase in productivity, increased employee motivation and decrease in absenteeism
    • Stresses linked to Job role - worrying about job security or prospects for promotion. Unclear range of responsibilites, role conflict e.g trying to please our bosses and the people who we work with.
    • Role Ambigity: Requirements for particular role are unclear. Results from not having clear guidlines that separate one role from another. Relates to RAW and LOC
    • Role Conflict: experiences at work, infer with family life e.g taking work home
      • Pomaki et al: Role conflict is directly associated with emotional exhaustion, depressive symptoms and somantic complants
    • Lack of Control: Have not much influence over the type and amount of work we do = Marmot et al & Johannason et al
    • Stress and Coronary Heart diease
      • Kivimaki et al:Meta analysis of 14 studies. Employed wit high levels of job strain 50% more likley to develop CHD
      • Russek et al: Found CHD greatest amongst GPS (high stress occupations) and lowest for Dematologists (low stress occupation
    • Work place and mental Health
    • Opportunity for control, skill use and interpersonal contact


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