Other rights of UK citizens

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  • Other rights of UK citizens
    • Right to defend oneself
      • Tony Martin, a farmer, was convicted of murder after shooting dead one man and injuring another man who was burgling his home. This was because the jury found that Martin did intend to kill or cause serious bodily harm, rather than killing out of self-defence
      • Use of necessary force to protect themselves against an attack by the victim
    • Right to trial by jury
      • Juries can be used in some civil cases, but this is rare. The Human Rights Act does not specifically protect the right to trial by jury
      • HRA does protect the right to a fair trial it does not specifically protect the right to trial by jury
    • Welfare rights
      • Details
        • Disability
          • An allowance is paid to them by the government
        • Housing
          • Fund housing for UK citizens who find themselves without a house
        • The elderly
          • When citizens reach 65 years of age they are able to claim a state funded pension
        • Education
          • Free education is provided to all in the UK until the age of sixteen
        • Unemployment
          • Any UK citizen that is out of work can claim unemployment benefit
        • Health
          • NHS provides healthcare that is free at the point of use
      • Issues
        • Does not prevent the UK government from introducing a charge for education
        • No protection for these rights
        • Different countries may also have ideological conflicts surrounding how much a government should be expected to provide for its citizens


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