People Involved in a Dance Performance

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  • Other people involved in a dance performance
    • Publicity
      • Responsible for advertising and promoting dance works
      • Create flyers and posters, arrange for adverts to appear in newspapers and magazines, issue press releases and send advertising material to schools and colleges
    • Marketing
      • Helps with developing, monitoring and evaluating the events taking place in a theatre
      • Concerned with meeting goals relating to ticket sales and theatre attendance
    • Stage manager
      • Responsible for coordinating the entire stage during a production
        • This includes lighting, sound, props, set, backstage crew and performers
    • House manager
      • Responsible for audience and auditorium
      • Make sure audience arrive and are seated on time
    • Sound
      • Could be live with orchestra, musicians or singers and a conductor
      • Recorded music is also used, this responsibility lies with the sound technician
    • Box office
      • Take responsibility for ticket sales and help coordinate audience seating
    • Set designer
      • Creates the set and supervises the installation of it
      • Work closely with choreographer to create specific effects
        • Light designer
    • Light designer
    • Hair and make-up
    • Costume designer
      • Work closely with choreographer to create specific effects
        • Need to also think about ease of movement


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