Other peace treaties after ww1

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  • Other Peace Treaties
    • SEVRES (1920)
      • Dismantled the TURKISH empire
      • Egypt, Tunisia+ Morocco became indipendent
      • Palestine, Iraq+Jordan became British mandates
      • Turkey were made to disarm and pay reparations
    • SAINT GERMAIN (1919)
      • AUSTRIA had to give land to Yugoslavia+ co
      • Forbidden to join with Germany
        • Anschluss
      • Conscription in the army was banned
        • Allowed 30,000 men
        • No navy
      • Had to pay reparations
    • NEUILLY (1919)
      • BULGARIA had to give land to Yugoslavia and Greece
      • Only 20,000 men allowed in the army
      • Had to pay reparations
    • TRIANON (1920)
      • Hungary had to give land to Poland, Romanis+ whatnot
      • Army restricted to 35,000 men
      • Had to pay reparations


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