Other industries which experienced a boom

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  • Other industries which experienced a boom
    • The construction industry
      • There was a boom in office building as the number of banks, insurance and advertising companies and showrooms for new cars and electrical products grew rapidly.
      • The development of new materials enabled the construction of new, taller types of buildings, which provided more space.
    • Transport industry
      • By 1930 the total length of paved road in the USA had doubled, and the number of trucks on the road increased threefold to 3.5 million by 1929.
      • By 1929 there were 162,000 domestic and commercial flights.
      • Bus travel also proved to be really popular.
    • Electricity and electrical goods.
      • By 1929 most homes in the US cities had electricity.
      • This stimulated industrial growth, as electricity provided a far more flexible and efficient form of power for factories and workshops.
      • Moreover, it encouraged the development of a whole range of electrical goods, such as vacuum cleaners, radios, washing machines and refrigerators
    • Department stores
      • The USA were the first country to have a supermarket.
      • In these new shops customers helped themselves to the goods, which were individually priced, and they paid for them at the checkout.
    • Advertising
      • More firms realised the potential of advertisements for increasing sales and profits
      • Radio and cinema provided a range of new oppertunities for advertisement.


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