Other factors affecting EWT accuracy 

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  • Other factors affecting EWT accuracy
    • Anxiety
      • Loftus and Burns (1982)
      • lab experiment called ' the weapons effect'
        • stressful situations create an impaired recall
        • group one waited outside a lab overheard a friendly conversation, a man walked out with greasy hands and was holding a pen
          • control group
          • 49% participants recalled correctly
        • group 2 waited outside a lab, overheard a hostile conversation, sound of breaking glass,and man exited holding a knife and had blood over his hands
          • 33% recalled correctly
        • participants were then shown 50 photos and asked to identify the man
        • people who witnessed a peaceful situation had a better recall
          • anxiety narrows the focus on the mans face
    • Age-young
      • Poole and Lindsay (2001)
      • participants were aged children aged 3-8
      • there parents read them a story that contained elements of science demonstrations but also included novel info
      • the children were then asked about the info
        • a lot of the children incorporated lots of the parents story into their answers about the science demonstration
      • the children were also asked to think about where they had got the info
        • the older children were able to extract post- event info
      • investigators have to be careful to make sure the children understand what they're supposed to do
      • children cant give consent
      • parents are needed so the children are with familiar people and are less susceptible to investigators effects
    • age- elderly
      • Cohen and Faulker (1989)
      • middle aged and elderly
      • shown film of kidnapping and then given an account of the kiddnapping
      • half of the group were just given an account of the film others given misleading info
      • the elderly were more suscpitable to misleading info


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