Other Types of Synthesis

Other than subtractive synthesis, what other methods of synthesis might need to be known for the exam...

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  • Other Common Types of Synthesis
    • Additive Synthesis
      • Multiple oscillators create a sine wave each - with user-defined amplitude and frequency.
      • This emulates the natural process of producing sound with multiple harmonics.
      • First commercial model: New England Electric Music Company 'Telharmonium' in 1906
      • Notable model: Hammond Organ, 1935. More successful than the Telharmonium.
    • Frequency Modulation
      • Yamaha DX7 (1983)
      • First commercially successful and affordable digital synthesis type.
      • 6 sine oscillators, each with user-defined frequency, amplitude and envelope shaping.
      • Differs from additive in that it doesn't combine waveforms
        • Instead one oscillator modulates the next and so on until the final one in the chain produces a complex waveform.


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