Cutting Equipment

Mind map of the 11 cutting tools for GCSE Graphics.

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  • Cutting Equipment
    • Scissors
      • Safety: Ensure scissors are sharp and keep fingers away
      • For cutting paper, card and thin plastic sheets.
    • Craft Mat
      • Safety- Use mat on a flat surface
      • It gives a suitable cutting surface
    • Compass Cutter
      • Safety: Use on a craft map
      • For cutting circles on paper, thin card, thin plastic and thin board
    • Rotary Cutter
      • For cutting card, thin plastic and board
      • Safety: Use a safety ruler
    • FretSaw
      • Safety: Wear eye protection, and keep fingers away from the blade.
      • For cutting thick board, plastic, and wood
    • Laser Cutter
      • Safety: Follow machine safety advise
      • Cutting most materials with a laser cutter gives an outstanding accurate result and finish
    • Coping Saw
      • Safety: Keep fingers away from the blade
      • Fro cutting plastic sheet, thick board and wood
    • Hot-Wire Cutter
      • Safety-  Use in well ventilated area and use a mask
      • For cutting rigid foam
    • Vinyl Cutter
      • Safety: Keep fingers away from blade
      • Accurate cutting of card and sticky vinyl
    • Safety Rule
      • To help make straight line cuts with a craft knife.
      • Safety: Hold down firmly
    • Craft Knife
      • Safety: Use safety ruler, craft mat and cut away from yourself
      • For cutting, scoring paper, card, thin plastic or thin board


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