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    • "A man of mystery" "trustful, open and passionate" AC BRADLEY
    • "Noble, generous, open-hearted" COLERIDGE
    • "Colour and gender make him occupy contradictory positions of power" LOOMBA
    • "His very place in the script is uncertain and unstable" KOLIN
    • "His love is composed largely of ignorance of self as well as ignorance of Desdemona" LEAVIS
    • "Victim of racial beliefs precisely because he becomes and agent of misogynist ones" LOOMBA
    • By the end Othello's "self-pride" has become "insane and self-deceiving passion" LEAVIS
    • "A man if low self-esteem who will ****** at any straw to shore himself up" MCGINNIS KAY
    • "Othello's simple nature" LEAVIS
    • Othello doesn't learnt through his suffering. LEAVIS
    • "ardent in his affection", "boundless in his confidence" JOHNSON
    • Actions are a product of moral indignation and wounded honour. COLERIDGE
    • Argues Othello equally to blame as Iago. LEAVIS


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