othello Characters

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  • Othello charater list
    • Othello
      • He is a 'moor'
        • To start with we begin to think that he is abliging by some of the racist sterotypes of which Iago has led us to belive
        • Shakespere show the difference in his behaviour to make the auidience think differently about his race and that it doesnt have to plac a part in what he has the ability to do, as he is a strong military leader
        • By act 3 he bigins to use his race as his downfall and starts beliving in iagos plan. this happens as a result of Iago descrimination
      • He is married to Desdimona
        • He is decribed as being the 'half wooer' which woild show that there love is pure
          • However, she is a high class woman and being married to the 'moor' would have broken many social expectations
          • She even breaks away from her father which would suggest that there relationship is really strong
          • However there is an argument that there relationship was male dominated as when Iagos plan does take effect Othello calls her a 'whore'
        • In cyprus we see the extensive mutuallity between them and there sexual attraction
      • He is posted in Cyprus to defend after the news about the Turkish invasion
      • He after time accepts Iagos fale stories
        • He begins to belive that cassiso has been sleeping with his wife
        • He this that his desdimona has give the 'handkercheif' to cassio as a lovers gift. this is enforced when Bianca has it
        • He begins to suffer from epileptic fits which would have shown his weakness
        • He accepts the idea that he should murder her as he has experienced too much embarisment for her 'whore' behaviours.
    • Desdimona
      • Brabantio Link
        • At the begining there bond was strong as she was his 'jewel' however this was typical of many women as they would be owned by them
        • Her marriage to Othello caused the bond to break due to his race
        • By the end though he describes her as fearful after all the abuse Othello causes by his male pride
      • The marriage
        • She insists her rights to be a wife but does show a clear sense of sexual activity which Iago can use to manipulate to Othello leading to the tragedy
        • Although she had dicived her father she does exoect to be under control by Othello
        • however she isnt faultless as she does lie about the handkercheif which causes the whole downfall of Othellos mind
    • Iago
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      • Villian
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