Othello - Cultural Context - Stereotypes and Gender Roles in an Elizabethan Society

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  • Othello: Cultural Context
    • Stereotypes
      • Elizabethan England
        • Race
          • 'Moors' presented as violent savages. In Literature they were seen as lustful, dangerous villains.
        • Venetians were thought to be sophisticated
          • Venetian women were seen as promiscuous
            • Iago implies that Venetian women are unfaithful - "In Venice they do not let God see the pranks...They dare not show their husbands."
        • Florentines were seen as educated
          • Iago calls Cassio a "great arithmetician" and the "bookish theoric".
    • Gender Roles
      • Marriage
        • Interracial marriage was seen as scandalous - "nature, erring from itself".
          • Brabantio's authority is challenged and so are the social norms
          • The audience would have sympathised with Brabantio because he was responsible for his daughter
      • Elizabethan England


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