Othello characters

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  • Othello
    • Othello
      • 'The Moor' lives in a European colour-prejudiced society.
        • little experience with women. He is led to believe that he has been cuckolded by Desdemona.
          • 'I took you for the cunning whore of Venice'.
        • 'this is the only witchcraft I have used'
    • Desdemona
      • Daughter of the senator. Marries Othello behind her Father's back. She's innocent and loyal to Othello throughout.
        • 'A guiltless death I die.'
        • 'My noble Moor.'
        • 'My lord'.
    • Iago
      • Othello's ensign. He conceals his real nature under an appearance of 'honesty'.
        • 'Honest Iago'.
        • 'I am your own forever'.
    • Emilia
      • Desdemona's lady-in-waiting and Iago's wife.
        • Loyal to her husband and her mistress
        • Shows an attitude towards men which is different from Desdemona's.
          • 'I do think it is their husband's faults if wives do fall.'
          • 'Who would not make their husband a cuckold to make him a monarch?'
    • Cassio
      • Othello's lieutenant.
      • Honourable Florentine with a weakness for women and drink
        • ' Hail to thee lady, and the grace of heaven, Before, behind thee, and on every hand, Enwheel thee round'
    • Roderigo
      • In love with Desdemona.
        • 'My daughter is not for thee'.
      • Being systematically cheated by Iago.
    • Brabantio
      • Desdemona's father.
      • Outraged when he hears his daughter has secretly married a black man.
        • 'thou hast enchanted her.'
        • 'how got she out?'
    • Bianca
      • Cassio's mistress
        • "when [Cassio] hears of [Bianca], he cannot refrain / From the excess of laughter"


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