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  • Othello
    • Othering of Othello
      • VMV: references to Othello as black and a Moor, as well as his lack of understanding of Venetian customs... establish his liminal position in Venetian society”
        • Iago could be interpreted as Marxist but at least he is no Othered like O and all the women
        • unable to gain true respect
          • Roderigo: 'thick lips' - racially-charged epithet
    • Tragic Hero
      • the eloquence he charmed D with is 'Othello Music' (G Wilson Knight)
        • Shakespeare challenges Jacobeanviews of Black people
          • 'authentic nobility in the language of his soul'- Bloom
      • 'authentic nobility in the language of his soul'- Bloom
      • Deterioration of his speech- fragmented 'O! O! O!' blind rage
        • development of Othello into another villainous character, extension of Iago


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