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  • Ostpolitik
    • The 1970 Moscow Treaty
      • A non-aggression agreement Between BRD and USSR to agree to improve relations-(agree to ease tension)
        • Both  agreed to no longer resolve  altercations with military force
    • The 1970 Warsaw Treaty
    • Polish Memorial
    • The 1971 Berlin Accord
      • When the BDR and USSR both accept the division of Germany as permanent
        • They both accepted how it was in order to ease tension
        • They agreed to disagree essentially
        • It helped improve relatons however it was thte opposie of what Brandt wanted
    • The Basic Treaty(1972)
      • DDR and BDR agreed to exchange diplomatic missions, increase cross boarder trade and contact, as well as respecting each others independence.
        • This was the only policy that truly affected the people in Germany rather than government etc.
        • It created more trade.
        • Allowed more visitations and movement
        • It allowed embassies in each others countries
    • Aims
      • The reunification of Germany
      • To improve relations between east and west Germany through trade, culture etc
  • Brandt knelt at the memorial to polish Jews killed by the Nazis at the Warsaw ghetto.
    • This was seen as him asking for forgiveness on behalf of Germany (as whole, not just West)
    • This improved Germany's reputation with the world.
    • Polish Memorial


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