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  • Osmosis
    • Roots absorb water through osmosis, their surface area is big to speed it up.
    • Osmosis occurs in red blood cells, water diffuses through the weak walls.
    • When dealing with urea water diffsuses out of the kidney so that urea and water are separated.
    • Active Transport
      • Reabsorbtion in the kidneys before urea.
      • Absorbed glucose into the blood stream.
      • Minerals and water enter the plant from the root.
      • The movement of molecules across a cell membrane into a region of higher concentration from low
    • Molecules passing through a semi-permeable membrane to a region of low to high concentration.
    • Gaseous exchange
      • Diffusion down a concentration gradient (area of high to low)
      • It occurs in the stomata with the guard cells controlling the gases in and out
      • In the alveoli in the lungs, oxygen diffuses into the blood stream and carbon dioxide out.
      • In the villi in the small intestine, soluble foods and glycose are reabsorbed into capilaries.


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