Osborne- Journey's end character study

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  • Osborne
    • Father-like figure to both Stanhope and Raleigh- could be due to him being a school-master.
      • Referred to as "uncle' by other officers, he puts Stanhope to bed( Info provided by Hardy) just like a father with his young child.
    • Uses time regularly- the closness to time is like his crutch- whilstever he has access to thhe time he knows that time has not yet ran out for him. This is what keeps him going and able to advice the others.
    • Tries to protect Raleigh and Stanhope- e.g. when raleigh is chosen for the raid.
    • Intelligence and thoughtful nature shown by reading of alice in wonderland and enjoyment of gardening
    • Themes he embodies
      • Loyalty- he shows this when praising Stanhope despite him being a drunk. "There isn't a man to touch him as a commander of men" When we know that Stanhope is only 21, it is quite ironic that he is the best commander of a group of men then much more expieranced soldiers.
      • Leadership- he looks after all the other men- never focuses on himself. Better than Stanhope because he is more considerate of people's feelings.
        • "There's something rather romantic about it all.
        • Mentor- he is a mentor to Raleigh by informing him of trench life and helping to distract him from the raid- from discovering the truth about war. A good commander needs to relate to their men and this is what  osborne tries to do here- it also shows his caring fatherly personality as he wants to protect Raleigh- he doesnt want his naivety to be ruined, his romantic childhood to be destroyed.
          • "Now we're off! Quick, let's talk about pigs. Pigs are unwanted and dirty creatures- so to talk about them shows Osborne's desperation to distract Raleigh and himself.
            • And now let's forget about it all for- six minutes. Six minutes is such a short period of time that it seems kind of pointless but that highlights how badly the raid and other parts of war can affect the man- even six minutes of not thinking about it will really help them calm down and prepare for the possibility of death.\
      • Courage- Osborne shows courage by immediatly thinking of Raleigh rather than himself participating in the raid.
    • He is present  but silent during Stanhope's taking of the letter
      • He tries to show Stanhope the truth afterward but help Stanhope to understand Raleigh at the same time. He knows stanhope and wants him to recognise Raleigh's intelligence and how grown up he actually is.
    • He constantly advices Stanhope in particular, as he is expieranced and his view is trusted. E.G. 'You don't mean that seriously?" He is trying to convince Stanhope not to do something that he will regret, though he doesnt succeed.




You say that there are men more experienced than him. This is wrong.



I think this is great! Well done

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