Osborne journeys end

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  • Osborne
    • caring
      • 'uncle figure'
      • extension of his role as a school master and his age and because he's a father
    • good shape
      • 'tall, thin man' pg1
      • 'physically as hard as nails'pg1
      • 'your such a quiet old thing' pg6
    • older
      • 'fine head, with close cropped, iron grey hair' ' looks about forty five' pg1
      • 'poor old man' pg4
      • oldest member of the comapny
      • around 45, married and has two kids
    • 2nd in command
    • modest
      • he played for the ' harlequins'
      • humble doest boast of his achievements
    • confronting      and reassuring
      • ' a bit of nerve strain that's all'
    • brave
      • doest complain     when he's told about the raid
      • calm about the prospects of ' a big attack'
    • dutiful and loyal to stanhope
    • wise approachable and loyal




Good overview! Only improvement could be to include quotations from text.

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