Orgins of WW1

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  • Origins Of WW1
    • The Kaiser's Foreign policy
      • He wanted to extend the German Empire
      • He wanted to take over the majority of Europe and wanted colonies
      • His foreign policy was aggressive and was a reason WW1 started
    • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
      • A Serbian terrorist group known as the Black Hand Gang attempted to assassinate the heir to the Austro- Hungarian throne
        • Gavrillo Princip was the one who shot Ferdinand and his wife
        • This caused the Austro-Hungarian government to issue the Serbian Government with an Ultimatum
    • The arms/ Naval race
      • The Arms race was between Germany, France and Russia
        • After this Russia had the largest army but they had bad arms so overall Germany had the best army
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      • The Naval race was between Britain and Germany
        • Britain developed a new, powerful battleship known as the Dreadnought
        • The Germans managed to get hold of the blueprints and started making lots
    • The Alliance System
      • By 1907 Europe had formed into two clear camps either for the Triple Alliance of the Triple Entente
      • The Dual Alliance first formed in 1879 between Germany and Austria-Hungary and in 1882 Italy joined forming the Triple Alliance
      • In 1894 the Franco-Russian agreement was formed. In 1904 The Entente Cordial was formed between France and Britain and in 1907 the Anglo-Russian Entente was formed
        • Before 1904 Britain adopted the policy of Splendid Isolation where they wanted to focus on their empire.
    • The Crisies
      • The Bosnian crisis happened in1908-09. Austria Hungary annexed Bosnia. This angered Serbia as they wanted to join all Slav- speaking nations
        • Serbia asked Russia for help, who were willing to help if France and Britain would support them but they didn't. Russia and Serbia were left humiliated.
      • The first Moroccan Crisis was 1905-06. Both France and Germany were interested in Morocco for their Empire. A conference was held, Britain backed France and Germany had to back down.
      • The second Moroccan Crisis (Agadir) happened in 1911. Germany sent a warship to the coast of Morocco to "protect the German citizens" and another conference was called. Germany had to back down again but were given some of the French Congo to compensate.
    • The Schlieffen Plan
      • This was a plan formed by German Generals formed before 1900 in an effective method to invading France
      • The plan was to invade France through neutral Belgium and sweep across to capture the capital
        • In 1839 the Treaty of London was signed where Britain promised to protect Belgium's neutrality
      • This allowed a quick defeat so that Germany would not have to face a war on two fronts
        • The plan relied on the hope that Britain would remain neutral and it would take Russia over six weeks to mobalise their troops
        • This is the reason that Britain became involved in the war at this point every other country was involved in war all ready


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