Origins of the USA's globalism

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  • Origins of USA's Globalism
    • Kennan's Long  Telegram '46
      • Shaped US foreign policy towards USSR and determined superpower status.
      • Outlined Soviet thoughts, which were very anti-West.
      • USA must be prepared to threaten force and adopt a pro-active role.
      • Containment of Russian expansionist tendencies.
      • Isolationism no longer preserved US national interest and security.
    • Truman Doctrine
      • International relations were founded upon divisions.
      • Diplomacy designed to keep the SU from aiding Greek communists.
      • To protect democracy. No aggressive intent. Response so Soviet expansionism.
      • Demonise the Soviet Union and communism.
      • Provoke the Soviet Union.
    • Marshall Plan
      • Deterioration of Europe would affect US economy.
      • $13.5 billion to 16 countries in the form of money and goods.
      • Communism was gaining more support across Europe. Poverty breeds communism.
    • Berlin Blockade
      • Road and rail links to western zones through Berlin were blocked.
      • Ernest Bevin argued the SU's ultimate aim was to spread communism across Germany.
        • He urged no military force but must keep it supplied with essentials.
      • 1949 Stalin ended the blockade. West Germany & East Germany 2 separate states.


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