Origins of the Cold War

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  • Topic 1
    • Capitalism vs. communism
      • Capitalism
        • Free and fair elections
        • Freedom of speech and press
        • Buy land and invest and own private companies
      • Communism
        • No free or fair elections
        • Government owned market and land was communaly owned
        • No religion and no freedom of speech
    • Highest points of Tension
      • USA & UK did not open a Western front for the USSR
      • The Warsaw rising
      • USA,UK and France appeasement failed and USSR
      • USSR depended on Polands independence for their own stability
      • The big three could not reach agreements effectively
      • USSR refused to pay debts to the West
      • Hitlers foreign policy threatened to take over the continent
      • King Georges cousin, Tsar Nicholas II was executed by the Bolsheviks
    • Soviet attitude (1945)
      • Took advantage of Europe military situation to speed up their influence
      • Expansion to East Europe made them more secure and expanded their sphere of influence
      • USSR was the highest effected country from WWII
      • Their buffer zone would be used as a barrier for future attacks
    • U.S attitude (1945)
      • Truman was highely against communsim and did not trust stalin
      • Had to build a relationship with the USSR to prevent a war against communism
      • USA wanted to protect their own interests of capitalism
    • British attitude (1945)
      • Dependent on the USA after going bankrupt during WWII
      • Brritain depended on the USA for them to stay in power
    • Yalta (February 1945)
      • Mistrust grew after Stalin learnt that the USA had developed an atomic bomb without telling him.
      • Roosevelt and Churchil founded the United Nations
      • Stalin wanted full control of Germany but thought the USA and UK were betraying him by disagreeing
      • Poland to be expanded to the west and the USSR would gain land in Poland
        • Poland was to be kept as a democratic government
      • A declaration on liberated Europe should be created
      • Germany was to be divided into four zones, British, French, USA and USSR
        • The same was done to Berlin
      • They agreed to keep working together
      • USSR wanted Germany to pay for all reparations
      • USSR wanted guaranteed security by expanding their sphere of influence
      • Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin had a mediocre relationship
    • Potsdam
      • Germany to be Disarmed, Demiliterized and denatzified
      • Political system to be de-centralised in Germany
      • Freedom of press, speech and religious tolerance
      • Germany to be treated *** a single economic unit
      • USSR to recieve reperations from their own zones and 25% from Western zones
      • West to have reparations from their own zones and agricultural produce from the USSR
      • Attlee, Truman and Stalin ha da lot more mistrust and did not get on well


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