Origin of the Ontological Argument

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  • Origin of the Ontological Argument
    • Proslogian 3
      • Anselm
        • 4) Therefore, God exists necessarily
        • God must exist because a necessary being cannot fail to exist only contingent beings do that. Necessary existence is part of the whole definition of God. It makes not sense to talk of a God who doesn't exist, because then he would not be God
        • 3) Because God is that than which nothing greater can be conceived, he must have necessary existence
        • 2) Contingent beings are inferior to necessary beings
        • 1) God is that than which nothing greater can be concieved
    • Proslogian 2
      • Anselm's fist form of the ontological Argument
        • 1) God is that than which nothing greater can be conceived
          • 2) A real, existent being would be greater than imaginary, illusionary being.
            • 3) Therefore, the concept of God is surpassed by an actual existent God.
      • God is understood by all to be the highest sum of all perfections; nothing could ever be better than God in any way. If we have this idea of God in our heads, then this God must God must exist in our heads would be inferior to a real God. So God has to exist on order to meet our definition.
      • Supporters of this argument use analogies to make their point
        • God can never be bad or undesirable because His goodness is an aspect of His greatness. Therefore he is so great it could never be better for him not to exist
    • Ontological Argument
      • St Anselm
        • Made sense to believe in God
          • Everyone, even athiests, understand God to be the principle of everything, you cannot even think of any greater than God
        • 1033-1109
      • Synthetic Statement
        • Something which adds to our understanding; it goes beyond the definition of something
      • Analytic Statement
        • Statements which are true by definition
          • Anselm believed that the statement 'God exists' is analytic, because the concept of God includes the concept of existence. without existence, the term 'God' would not apply
      • You cannot argue against something existing without first understanding what it is
        • You can argue against the existence of God if you first understand what God is
      • Ontology is a branch of philosophy that explores the concept of existence
        • 'Ontos' meaning 'being'
          • Existence can refer to several different types of existence
            • Works from principles and definition is an attempt to demonstrate the existence of God
              • Use logic to conclude Gods existence
                • Almost everything exists contingently
                  • To religious believers, God is necessary rather than contingent
                    • Gods existence is different


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