Organisms in their environment

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  • Organisms in their environment
    • Temperature
      • Arctic plants are small which limits the number of plant eater which can survive in the area
    • Availability of nutrients
      • Most plants struggle to grown when mineral ions are in short supply and few predators will survive in that area.
    • Amount of light
      • Few plants live on the forest floor because light is blocked out by the trees. Shaded plants often have broader leaves and more chlorophyll.
    • Availability of water
      • Water is important for all organisims so few will live ina dessert. If it rains in the desser then plants will grow, produce flowers and seeds very quickly. Then there will be food for animals.
    • Availability of oxygen
      • Water animals can be affected by lack of oxygen. Some invertebrates can live at very low oxygen levels, but most fish need high levels of O2 dissolved in the water.
    • Availability of carbon dioxide
      • Lack of CO2 will affect plant growth and food available for animals.


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