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  • Business revision
    • Organisational structure
      • flat hierarchy - wide spans of control
      • Hierarchical - many layers with narrow spans of control
      • Centralised - a type of business organisation where decisions are made at the centre of it, and then passed down the chain of command.
      • Decentralised - where decisions are pushed down and away from the centre of the organisation
    • Business plans
      • A business plan is created by an entrepreneur to reduce risk of failure.
      • they include:
        • Market research and marketing strategy
        • the aims of the business
        • forecasts for cash flow
        • The original idea
        • business location
    • communication
      • a process by which information is exchanged from a sender to a receiver
      • coordinates and controls a business
      • motivates employees and helps them to feel part of a business
      • better communication with customers will improve sales


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