Organisational Structures

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  • Organisational Structures
    • Tall (Hierarchical)
      • Tall structures have many levels of hierarchy,
      • The span of control is narrow and there is opportunities for promotion.
      • There is a lack of communication between the layers
      • Clear chain of communication and there is less responsibility placed on one person since there's so many layers
    • Flat
      • Flat structures have few levels of hierarchy
      • The lines of communication are short, making the company responsive to change.
      • There is a wide span of control which means that tasks must be delegated (shared) and the managers can feel overstretched with all the responsibility
    • Matrix
      • Unlike the Tall and Flat structures, the Matrix structure doesnt have a clear level of hierarchy.
      • Within this structre it is shared responsibilty as the groups overlink with one another
      • There isnt a clear chain of command since all the groups are linked together and it is hard to get promoted
      • The line of communication is easier than in a Tall strusture


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