Organisational structures and communication

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  • Organisational structures
    • Tall structure:
      • Lots of layers, smaller but more specific roles, more chance of promotion, clear to see responsibilities
      • 'Chinese whispers, those at the top might be out of touch
    • Flat structure:
      • Less layers, equality, less complex, more teamwork
      • Harder to get promotion, less specific, more responsibility, unclear message could lead to confusion
    • Delayerisation= getting rid of layers
    • Organisation& Communication
      • Communication
        • One-way communication
        • Two-way communicaton
          • Internal communications
          • External communications
          • Vertical communication
          • Horizontal communication
          • Formal communications
          • Informal communication
        • A channel of communication is the path taken by a messgae
      • Span of control=the number of subordinates a supervisor has.
      • Chain of command=An organizational structure in which authority passes down from the top and each person in the chain is directly responsible to the person above.


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