Organisation of the League of Nations

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  • Organisation of the League of Nations
    • The General Assembly
      • Met annually in Geneva, Switzerland as it was a neutral location during WW1 & location of red cross
      • Each member state could send up three representatives to meetings of the assembly, and states were each allowed to cast one vote
      • Main role was to decide general policy, to deal with the admission of new members of the League and to handle the organisations' finances
      • Any decision taken by the General Assembly had to be unanimous
    • The Council
      • Non-Permanent Membrane
        • Initially 4, elected every three years by General Assembly
          • The first group was Belgium, Brazil, Greece, and Spain
      • Permanent Members
        • 4 Original: Britain, France, Italy, and Japan
          • The USA was to have been a permanent member too, but evidently decided not to join the League
          • Germany became 5th in 1926
    • The Secretariat
      • Carried out day-to-day work of the League - preparing its agenda, publishing reports and dealing with routine but vital matters
      • Based in Geneva
        • Met annually in Geneva, Switzerland as it was a neutral location during WW1 & location of red cross
      • Directed by secretary general, the first of whom was the British diplomat Sir Eric Drummond, who held the post from 1919-1933
    • Permanent Court of International Justice
      • Based at The Hague in the Netherlands, the PCOIJ was designed to deal with legal disputes between states
      • Consisted of 15 judges of different nationalities who were elected for a period of 9 years by the General Assembly
      • The Court ran from 1922 to 1946
    • Commissions and Committees
      • Man Commissions dealt with issues such as the mandates, disarmament, refugees and slavery
      • There were committees for matters relating to international labour, health, child welfare, drug problems and women's rights


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