Organisation and Support of the WSPU

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  • Organisation and support of the WSPU
    • Of the six main speakers for the WSPU, only one was working class- Annie Kenney, accomplice to Christabel
    • The overall leadership remained with Christabel and Emmeline Pankhurst, supported by a sub committee made of friends and family
      • The Central Committee controlled all WSPU publications, finances and paid appointments
    • occasionally tensions rose between London and regional branches due to class differences
    • The WSPU was originally full of Northern, working class women, until Christabel moved them down south and severed their relationship with Labour
      • Without its socialist connections, wealthy women were encouraged to join
      • Christabel and Emmeline encouraged socialist members to tone down their politics to aid the gentrification of the WSPU
    • The WSPU became a fashionable, elitist and London-centric movement, dominated by wealthy socialites
      • The NUWSS saw an increase in support before the formation of the WSPU
      • The NUWSS made sure that the 1906 Liberal government included a majority of members who would react well to women's suffrage campaigning
      • Militancy probably probably began in the 1890s with the NESWS and the Women's Franchise League


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