B2 - Organisation

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  • Organisation
    • Cell Organisation
      • Tissue - a group of similar cells that work together to do a particular function
        • Glandular
        • Muscular
        • Epithelial
      • Organ - a group of different tissues that work together to perform a certain function
      • Organ System - a group of different organs that work together to perform a particular function
    • Enzymes
      • Catalyst - a substance that increases the speed of a reaction, without being changed or used up in the reaction
      • They are catalysts that are produced by living things
      • they have special shapes called active sites that substrates can fit into to allow them to catalyse the reaction
      • they need the right pH and temperature to work at their best
      • they denature at 45'C
    • Digestion and Enzymes
      • Carbohydrases convert carbohydrates into simple sugars
        • Amalase turns starch into maltose
        • Protease turns proteins into amino acids
        • Lipese turns lipids into glycerol and fatty acids
      • Bile neutralises the stomach acid and emulsifies (breaks down) fats
        • Bile is produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder
    • Food Tests
      • Sudan III for Lipids
        • Lipids = Bright red TOP layer
      • Iodine for starch
        • Starch = Black/Blue
      • Biuret test for proteins
        • Protein = Pink/Purple
      • Benedict's for sugers
        • Sugar = Red


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