Organic Compounds

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  • Organic compounds
    • Alcohols
      • Uses
        • Alcoholic drinks
        • Solvents (dissolve chemicals) - aftershave, perfume, removing ink
        • Fuels. Biofuels (ethanol - fermentation or ethene and steam)
          • CO2+H2O products
      • Alcohols are a group/family of organic chemicals. All contain the functional group -OH (hydroxyl). Homologous series.
        • Methanol CH3OH
        • Ethanol CH3CH2OH
          • Oxidises to form ethanoic acid which is the main acid in vinegar.
            • By microbes or chemicals
        • Propanol CH3CH2CH2OH
      • Properties
        • Burn in air
        • React with sodium to produce hydrogen
        • Dissolve in water to produce neutral solution
    • Carboxylic acids
      • Functional group -COOH
      • Methanoic acid HCOOH
      • Ethanoic acid CH3COOH
      • Propanoic acid CH3CH2CH2COOH
      • Weak acid as the reaction in water is reversible and only some ionize, lower concentration of H+ ions.
      • Aqueous  solutions have a higher pH than other aqueous solutions of acids with the same concentration
      • React with alcohols to create esters
      • React with carbonates to produce carbon dioxide
      • Dissolve in water to produce acidic solutions
    • Esters
      • Functional group -COO-
      • Smell & taste fruity (can be used for food flavourings
      • Are volatile, easily evaporate


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