Organic Chemistry

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  • Organic Chemistry
    • Structures
      • Series of molecules have a general formula (homologous series)
      • Alcohols have the functional group -O-H
      • Carboxylic  acids have the functional group -COOH
      • Esters have have the functional group -COO-
    • Properties/ uses of Alcohols
      • Used for solvents, fuels, and (mainly ethanol) in alcoholic drinks
      • Burnt in air to form CO2 and water
        • C2H5OH + 3O2 --> 2CO2 + 3H2O
      • React with sodium to form a solution and give off hydrogen
      • Ethanol can be oxidised to ethanoic acid (either by oxidising agents or by microbes). Main acid in vinegar
    • Carboxylic acids and Esters
      • Carboxylic acids have a pH below 7
      • Carboxylic  acid and carbonate: fizzes, releasing CO2
      • Aqueous solutions of weak acids have higher pH than solutions of strong acids with the same conc.
      • Carbozylic acid + alcohol --> (with help of acidic catalyst) ester
      • Esters are volatile compounds used in flavourings and perfumes
    • Organic Issues
      • Used in foods/ drinks/ solvents/ fuels- can benefit society
      • Alcohol and solvents abused
      • Biofuels (like ethanol and esters) could be used as a crude oil alternative
      • Biofuels may conflict with need to feed the world


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