Organic Chemistry

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  • Organic Chemistry
    • Alkanes
      • CnH2+2
    • Alkenes
      • CnH2n
      • hydrocarbons
        • Alkanes
          • CnH2+2
    • Hydrocarbons
      • Only contain hydrogen and carbon atoms
        • hydrocarbon properties change as the chains get longer
          • The shorter the carbon chain the more runny a hydrocarbon is  - less viscous
          • Hydrocarbons with shorter carbon chains are also more volatile, i.e they have lower boiling points
          • The shorter the chain gets the more flammable the hydrocarbon is
          • The properties of hydrocarbons affects their use as a fuel - e.g. short chains with lower boiling points are used as bottled gases (stored under pressure as liquids in bottles)
    • Cracking
      • Cracking is splitting up long chains of hydrocarbons
      • It's a thermal decomposition reaction


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