Organelle overview

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  • Organelle Overview
    • Nucleus
      • Surrounded by an an envelope with pores
      • Contains the cells genetic material
      • Contains at least one nucleolus
    • Mitrochondrion
      • Produces ATP
      • Usually bean shaped
      • Site of aerobic respiration
    • Golgi body
      • Packages secretions into vesicles
      • Modifies proteins by adding carbohydrates
      • A stack of membranes forming cavities
    • Rough endoplasmic reticulum
      • Covered in ribosomes
      • Involved in protein synthesis
      • A network of membranes forming cavities
    • Plasma (cell) membrane
      • Found in all cells
      • Made of protein and phospolipid
      • Controls transport of substances into and out of a cell
    • Chloroplast
      • Found only in some plant cells
      • Site of photosynthesis
      • Contains chlorophyll
    • Cell wall
      • Made of cellulose
      • Found in all plant cells
      • Prevents osmotic lysis




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