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  • Organelles
    • Mitochondria
      • Site of aerobic respiration
      • ATP produced
    • Chloroplast
      • Site of photosynthesis
      • Inner membrane contains flattened membrane sacs (thylakoids- stack is called granum)
    • Golgi Apparatus
      • Processes and packages new lipids and proteins, also makes lysosomes
    • Plasma membrane
      • Regulates movement of substances in/out of cell, have receptor molecules on surface
    • Nucleus
      • Houses most of the genetic material, chromatin consists of DNA and proteins
    • Ribosome
      • Site where proteins are made
    • RER
      • Folds and processes proteins made of ribosomes
    • SER
      • Synthesises and processes lipids
    • Centriole
      • Cylinders containing microtubules, involved in chromosome separation
    • Cilia/Flagellum
      • microtubules allow them to move
    • Lysosomes
      • Contain digestive enzymes to break down materials


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