Lord of the flies mindmap, order of breakdown

This is a mindmap showing the order of breakdown during Lord of the Flies

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  • Order of Breakdown upon the island
    • Jack is humliated when not elected cheif
      • Piggy reminds them of having the fire lit, Jack takes the glasses from him
        • Jack becomes obsseed with hunting/
        • Leaves the fire out
        • Constant bullying of Piggy
          • The Littleuns get distracted and don''t help Ralph or Simon build sheltes
            • Ralph calls an assembly '' Don't we love meetings? '['
            • Shows that boys find it hard to listen to sensible ideas, they're becoming savage
              • Jack form his own tribe, offers protection and food
                • However, he is like Adolf Hitler that uses ** to carry out his dirty work.
                  • Roger- **
                    • The Hunters become savage
                      • Simon mistaken for the beast, Ralph and Piggy don't see it as murder, more a mistake
                        • Breakdown of law and civialisation, conch, Piggy die ahead with it
                          • The Boys are resuced.


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