Opposition to the new deal

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  • Opposition to the new deal
    • The supreme court
      • Has the power to decide if the president is acting constitutionally
      • If the 9 justices decide that he is exceeding his power
        • they can declare his actions unconstitutional
      • They decided
        • the NRA exceede the powers of the president and infinged the rights of the states
      • 1937 FDR decided to prevent the SC from blacking any more of his policies he increased the nunber of justicies from 9- 15
        • This was a mistake. Even his supporters felt that that was going a step to far
          • after 1936 the SC did not black any of the presidents plans
    • Republians
      • complained about deficit spending
        • they said that the New Deal was only spending money they didn't have
      • They said that the new deal was only dealing with unemployment
        • by turning millions of people into government employees
      • they complained that the new deal extended federal government power
    • Big Business
      • they felt that FDR was giving too much power to trade unions
        • 1937 and 1938 there was a wave of strikes.
          • Henry Ford opposed the new deal
            • He even refused to meet FDR when he visited 1 of his factories during ww2
    • Rich people
      • treated FDR as a traitor to his class
        • as he rose taxes
        • they even refused to say his name
    • the left
      • they complaied that he didn't do enough
        • The wall street chrash had shown the system was rotten and the new deal was just proping it up
        • even ideas that the left liked, such as the TVA were not extedened to other areas of the USA
    • Senator Huey 'Catfish' Long
      • was by far the most dangerous opponent that FDR faced
      • elected as Governer of Louisiana
      • set up the 'Share our wealth' movement
        • this planned to take over the fortunes of the rich and use them to help the poor
        • Untitled
      • He planned to stand against FDR in the 1936 election, but was shot and killed in Sept 1935


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