Opposition to the Nazis: The Church

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  • Opposition to the Nazis: The Church
    • Fath
      • Catholic Church
      • Ignored the bans put in place on church feast days
      • Tried to stop youth in his village from joining the Hitler Youth
      • Spoke out on removal of crucifixes from schools
      • Did not agree with the way the Nazis were changing the catholic church
    • Von Galen
      • Catholic Church
      • Hitler ordered he be arrested
      • Initially supported Hitler and blessed the troops going to the Rhineland
      • 1943, von Galen arrested and accused of trying to assassinate Hitler
      • Didn't agree with the promotion of social Darwinism
      • Sent to Sachenhausen
      • 1941, spoke out against euthanasia in a sermon
    • Niemoller
      • Re-arrested and put in Sachenhausen where he stayed for 7 yrs until it was liberated
      • Views changed when Nazis set up Reich Church
      • Thought it was more about Nazism than christianity
      • Welcomed Nazism believing Hitler would restore the greatness of Germany
      • 1934, established the rival German Confessional church
      • Protestant Church
      • July 1937, Hitler ordered his arrest and was given months in prison following trial
    • Bonhoeffer
      • Protestant Church
      • Helped set up Confessional Church
      • Spoke out against Nazis, Gestapo banned him from preaching
      • 1939, joined a secret group and helped set up Operation 7
      • 1942, arrested by Gestapo for plotting against Hitler
      • Transferred to Flossenburg Concentration Camp in 1944
    • Schneider
      • Protestant Church
      • Originally welcomed Hitler but soon changed views
      • Preached against changes Nazis were making to the church
      • Detained for a week for his actions at a young boys funeral
      • 1937, imprisoned in a forced labour camp
      • 1939, murdered with a lethal injection in the camp infirmary


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